Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tech week.

Back to Los Angeles from Minneapolis (work, but you may notice only the play gets posted), this past week was christened Awesome Tech Week. The Awesome part is because it happened in Los Angeles, which I love as much as New York. Like kids, right, loved equally but for different traits? Is that how it works with kids?

The Tech Week part is due to the fact that a new phone and a new computer arrived in the same week. Sadly, the new Samsung Epic (beware the hype) became my nemesis. Fortunately in this society we can return nemeses within 30 days of their slithering in and claiming to be something they are not. It is going back whence it came to experience a future of factory refurbishment and a slightly shady sale on the internet to some other willing sucker; an apt fate. The shiny MacBook Pro, however, is delightful and it makes up for all non-Mac shortcomings. If a PC never enters the household again, we will be happier people, as my loving compadre was a walking tech support line for the months I was staring at a Dell. The Apple store saves marriages.

One reason to love New York and Los Angeles in the same way; the food. In addition to sushi, Persian, French food and a trip to 8oz Burger Bar (to which I took my LC as an affimation that he told me so about the Samsung by way of crying iPhone from the rafters), a visit was paid to Maria's Cafe. Maria runs her soul food and Mexican diner out of the AMF Lanes compound on Venice and San Vicente, and it stands as my return-home meal and re-orienting cultural experience. The photo below is of the bistro. Maria's is a secret hidey hole and no pictures shall be taken there.

Welcome back, crushes on the Henry Rollins Show, KCRW in general, Santa Monica and its farmers' markets. I'm even willing to overlook the hour it took to drive the otherwise half-hour route from Santa Monica back to the apartment to experience it all in their native environments. To life!

Everyone's biggest piece of advice with blogging is "blog often". Still licking wounds from not heeding my loving compadre's piece of smartphone advice, I resolve to yield to other good advice that I was previously too stubborn to acknowledge.

And that, friends, was Los Angeles this past week.

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