Sunday, September 5, 2010

State fun.

My summary of our trip to the Minnesota State Fair in pictures:

I imagined this caption below this display in the Agriculture Barn;
“That's right little Timmy bear, if you don't clean your room after dinner I am going to spank you with this oar and then a hunter is going to shoot you and turn you into a rug”. It's ironic how happy this scene seems.

Cancer + treatments = sterile female. Oh wait, I was just looking at a vintage corn sack collection in the Agricultural Barn.

Large food could be ugly:

But small food had to be perfect:


Hey, handsome fella.

The ride-killing burden of winning:
I chased these kids to take this picture. I do not know them.

This ride made me sick:

As did this:

And I left feeling like a fifth-place piece of future stew meat.

Minnesota, you've got an awesome state fair. I recommend the honey lemonade and the Bee and Honey part of the Agricultural Barn, and the roasted corn dipped in butter. I did not have the bucket of cookies or fried twinkies because everyone carrying those looked really unhappy.


  1. it's as if i were there.... very funny

  2. I spent a large part of my childhood living in Minneapolis. I have decided if I ever go back to visit, it will have to be during the weeks of the State Fair. It's amazing!

    Great post. Love the photo of the boys with the stuffed pigs!


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