Recipe Swaps

History of the Recipe Swap
This book, All-Day Singin' and Dinner on the Ground, was a junk store find. What intrigued me about it, then and now, is the conversation through recipes it captured between people who knew how to cook well, and for large groups.  "Bake in a quick oven" and "cook until done" are regular phrases in the book. I came home wanting to cook my way through it, and in the process, became inspired to test and redevelop the recipes into my own, updated nods to a bygone era of slow food cooked for others as a regular reflection of our bounty and blessings.  On a whim, I asked others to join in, and the results are now found all over the place from these wonderful food bloggers below.  

For our one-year anniversary, we switched books, to The Second Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes From Famous Eating Places, compiled in 1954. The book, another vintage store find, is well-curated and the recipes "stand the test of time". Thankfully, the book contains very few gelatine molds and pineapple fluff recipes. We have been cooking from this book since December, 2011.

We are blessed with the popularity and success of the group, and we've outgrown ourselves. As a result, we become not one but two groups of dedicated Recipe Swappers in March, 2012. One group will post on our regular first Sunday of the month, and the second group will post on the third Wednesdays.  Keep watch for us! We post on twitter with the hashtag #recipeswap

(If you would like to join in the swap, send me an email at christianna [at] burwellgeneralstore [dot] com, or catch me on twitter @BurwellGenStore.  We would love to have you!)

Past Recipes 
First swap, "Autumn Persimmon Pudding"
Our second swap, "Fern's Fried Apple Fritters"
Third swap, "'Company Time' Lemon Cake"
Fourth Swap: Grandma's Chicken Pie and Drop Biscuits.
Fifth swap, "Busy Day Wacky Cake"
Sixth Swap: Ozarkian Taffy Apples
Seventh Swap: Potato Donuts
Eighth Swap: Jelly Cake
Ninth swap: Sorghum Molasses Cookies
Tenth Swap: Wild Rabbit With Vegetables

Our one-year anniversary: Maple Syrup Cake