It's a funhouse mirror, I promise.

That's me, Christianna. Chris, if you know me well. I have been blogging since I was 11 years old. It was called "keeping a journal" then.

At some point, I got into food, roughly when my mother enrolled me in a vegetarian cooking class in 7th grade.  I wasn't a vegetarian.

I also do a lot of yoga.

Then, I undo the yoga by wearing high heels everywhere. This curious cycle is known as "living in Cali."

I like building communities. Please check out the Recipe Swaps page in the links above.

At the moment, I wouldn't trade living in Los Angeles for anywhere else in the world. To see a slice of it through my iPhone, check out my other blog, Mattress In The Number Four Lane. It's pretty rad.

But wait, there's more. I'm actually a Plains girl at heart.

The old library, 1914.
I lived in Burwell, Nebraska, population 1,100, until I was nine. My father owned local antique media outlets known as "newspapers". In 2005, I bought the town's former Carnegie library at an auction and turned it into a recreational writer's retreat. I still consider the Sandhills of Nebraska home. Right now, I only get back once a year.

And finally, I'm a writer and television producer by trade. Mostly in food. Always in fun. I have produced many projects for Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel, and have written for Saveur, Specialty Food Magazine, The Reader, Blackboard Eats and KCET, to name a few.
Working girl.

One last thing. I'm a little bit into motorcycling.
That's Kitten.
That's Bunny.

All the photos and words on this blog are mine unless attributed. Please ask before taking, as any well-trained Kindergartener would do.

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Roadtrip, somewhere in Colorado, 2011.

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