Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My shoulder hurts.

One of two things happen when I reach into my handbag.
1. I cannot find what I am looking for.
2. I get stabbed by my Army-issue can opener attached to my key ring.

Occasionally, both will happen, and that is especially irritating.

So, today, I played a little game of Operation on my bag. The bag and its contents weighs 10.4 pounds, which represents 9.8% of my body weight, and contains the following:

One NYC cab receipt
One Grand Spa LA receipt - sauna this past Sunday
One business card for a nails joint in Santa Monica, CA
One key card from the New York Hilton from a stay a month and a half ago
One business card for a dude at the Apple Store, Santa Monica, CA
One pamphlet explaining the benefits of Apple One-to-One education program and other random informational documents secured by a Starbuck's java jacket
One receipt from Banana Republic - sweater I am intending to return
Three day-pass tickets for public parking in Santa Monica, CA
A pile of change
three hair ties
One EcoLips lip balm
One MAC lipstick in Skew color
dental floss
One LipTints SPF8 tinted lip balm
One package Shesheido rice paper oil blotting papers for face
One tube of Bliss lemon hand cream
One pill case used as a jewelry case, with two pairs of earrings, one ring and one bracelet inside.
Two jump drives, one 1 gig, one 500 megs and was a freebie from the Playtex booth at the BlogHer 2010 conference in NYC
One sunglasses eyeglass case, with sunglasses
One reading glasses eyeglass case, with glasses
One digital camera
One Blackberry cellular telephone
One Samsung Epic cellular telephone
One wallet containing cards, receipts, cash and a Stila lip tint
One bag organizer for purses containing a mini LED flashlight
One Leatherman multi-tool
One package of "sleep aids" that I have no idea what they're doing there.
One MacBook Pro and charger, not seen in picture because I am using it to blog.
One Moleskine notebook
Two rollerball pens
One small pad of Post-It brand sticky notes
One 4 gig SD mini storage card
One handkerchief
My set of keys that have grown to janitor size

I did some math. That's too much stuff. I will be paring down this week to things worth getting stabbed in the hand to retrieve.

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