Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sadie & Emma Pottery Company

Last week, I went to UniqueLA, a craftsperson's boutique that "pops up" every six months or so, allowing craft-minded buyers to vote with our dollars and meet the people making products we love.
My favorite find was from Sadie & Emma Pottery Company, based north of the Valley, in Sunland, California. Their pieces are a once-fire process to cone 6, which is brave for potters (usually ceramics are fired twice, a sure way to achieve strength) and beautiful for buyers. Minimal use of glazes and beautiful clays make for clean, simple kitchen and tableware. I lucked upon these little jugs, modeled after old whisky jugs, and realized I found a blog mascot, reminiscent of the old times, when hand-crafting included not only the contents, but the package.

We are overly concerned about what goes into our bodies, yet many of us, myself included, sometimes serve beautiful, handmade meals on cheap mass-produced plates. It's a good point. Why not bring that purchasing power to the rest of the table?


  1. Hello Lovely - I know this might sound like a funny question, but 'is that a giant wooden peg in the photo?' and if so 'how big is it?' ... I'm looking for some oversized wooden clothes pegs for decoration on my wedding tables.
    Thanks - Shari from

  2. this is the cutest thing ive seen in a long time - wish they had it available on their website. where can i get one - or three?


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