Sunday, December 4, 2011

Peanut Butter Rice Treats - Cookies for Canines

Welcome to another Recipe Swap! Over a year ago, I found an old hymnal with recipes in the back in a junk store, and every month, I release a new recipe to a fantastic group of food bloggers from that book. Last month was our one-year anniversary, so it seemed a good time to switch books to another retired volume; The Second Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes From Famous Eating Places. This month, we set out to remake the Toll House cookie (originally developed at the Toll House, (photo) a historic inn (history) in Whitman, Massachusetts.) Please make sure to visit all of our pages at the bottom of this post to see how we have each invented our own cookie inspired by this original recipe. We are about 20 strong now, and are an amazing group of talented food types.

There are a lot of cookies being pushed from household to household during this time of year. Over the holidays, food sits around, perhaps more than usual. Out, on counters within snout distance. Unattended on coffee tables, at eye level. Yet, our devoted dogs are met with the same "no eat" rules we apply the rest of the year. It's not fair! So, in honor of our devoted four-legged friends, I made these pup cookies so they can have more food around than usual, too. (Recipe Swappers, forgive me. Can you resist those eyes, below?)

I made them with a very special pup in mind, who I just saw over Thanksgiving. I adopted George the German Shepherd in September of 2006 from the New York Animal Control Center in Harlem. He was a "Day Six" dog, meaning I (in concert with a working dog rescue organization) grabbed him on the last possible day to avoid the mandatory euthanization of pets at the shelter on the seventh day. Fast forward five years, and George is now happy, healthy, spoiled, loyal, stress-free and has a permanent home with my parents, who dote on him like a granddog. He now has a full-time, fulfilling job, keeping them on a very strict feeding, walk and treats schedule.
George the German Shepherd, AKA King George, Georgey, Big G
One year over the holidays, George ate an entire half sheet pan of marshmallows I made and left on the counter to set up. I came home to find him laying in the middle of the room, with an enormous belly, groaning as he breathed. The temptation was just too great, seeing people in the kitchen all day, with nothing dropped on the floor. These treats will be going in a box of holiday gifts to my parents, with instructions to feed liberally; one of the best gifts you can give a dog, in my book.

Happy holidays, everyone! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the cookie posts.

Peanut Butter Rice Treats - For Pups!

George's Special Treats

Serves: One pup about 36 times, or one pup one time if you leave the bag out.

1 1/2 cup cooked brown rice cooked in vegetable broth (great use of leftovers)
2-3 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup peanut butter (crunchy or creamy)
1 cup hot water

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients, adding more flour as necessary to knead into a stiff dough. Roll out about 1/4" thick, cut with a cookie cutter and place directly onto a baking sheet. Bake at 350F, and leaving in the oven, turn off the oven and leave overnight. If the treats are still a little pliable in the morning, leave them out on the stovetop for a couple of hours.

Notes: Yes, I tried them. They're edible. Vaguely peanut-buttery. With a touch of vegetable broth. If the pup likes them and doesn't poop them out too quickly, I have done my work.


  1. What a great post!! I just got a dog a few months ago and have yet to make her treats. This is going on the list for her for Christmas. I have a feeling you're her new best friend. Another fun swap - thanks!

    Oh, and I totally channeled your hiking food post when I was camping two weekends ago, cooking simply on a grill and just being, enjoying time away from computers and blogs and fancy kitchen equipment. That post stuck with me.

  2. So thoughtful of you to include the pups in the holiday treats! Peanut butter treats are always a good idea :) This is a great idea for presents...I am sure George agrees!

  3. What a thoughtful and inspirational post! Of course the pups need to feel the love as well during the holidays. The most creative I've gotten so far with that is to pour turkey broth over my doggies regular dog food to make it more tasty. I am going to have to make these treats for Megan my pup for the holidays. Oh and George is for G as in one Gorgeous dog!

  4. what a great idea! I better not let my dog see this! He'll be jealous!

  5. Aw, this is the best idea for the swap! I love making Ruby treats. Your guy is so good lookin' Ruby would be sure to have a crush. XO

  6. Aww that is such a sweet post! George is one lucky guy! Love your interpretation of the recipe!

  7. Aw, this is so sweet. I love that you did a treat for the pup. I've never made my own dog treats, horse treats yes but never dog ones. I must try. We just got a westie pup in September. She is such a little cutie. We lost our 14 year old sheltie early in the year and I thought I'd never get another dog. But they just make life better, so much fun having them around. My daughter would love your dog, she really wanted a German Shepherd. They are such majestic dogs. Okay see what happens when you put a cute doggie on a food post, I forget all about the food. Lol!

  8. That is so adorable, George must be having the best holiday season ever :)

  9. This is adorable in every single way. Dog treats? Yes, please. I don't even have a dog and I want to make these. I should see if Lil Omar will eat them. :)

  10. Love this! George's foray into marshmallow treats made me think of a friend's Boxer who ate an entire bag of Oreo's surely sealing his fate for the chocolate but he was fine (the Vet's treated it as they would with someone over drinking with the procedure which for this appetizing post shall remain nameless). I have three dogs at my domicile who would love this recipe. One eats rocks so this would be a real step up!

  11. How adorable are these cookies! We have two pups and this is the perfect treat to make them for Christmas morning:)Can't wait to see all the other cookies:)

  12. Such a good idea Christianna - will be showing my mum for little mini (jack russell) and marley (fox terrier). Love it!

  13. well my two furbabies would absolutely love these treats, and our one rescue went from being afraid of his own shadow to sitting in the kitchen anytime I cook, knowing he will be the recipient of something tasty.
    thanks for having me once again in the swap and for these great doggie treats!

  14. George! What an awesome dog! I can just see it in his eyes. His name totally suits him too.
    It's so true that our pets have to put up with way too much temptation this time of year. My own wonderful shelter dog has been known to snatch cinnamon sugar donuts and bacon from the table when chairs are left pulled-out. He has been living with my cousin for 2 years but is coming back to be my dog later this month. I am going to make him some of your cookies as a welcome treat!

  15. Don't have a dog, but I am sure all canine friends will be very happy with this treat!

  16. Definitely trying these on my pooch! I just need to be sure they don't get mixed up with the goodies I'm making to share with friends, family and my kids' teachers!

    P.S. Does one need an invitation to participate in the swap?

  17. I love happy-ending stories, human and animal both:) Yes, those eyes would be hard to resist! I made cookies for my friend's golden retriever and it pleased me mightily when he enjoyed them (after the initial reluctance:) And I tried mine, too - you are not the only adventurous soul here:)

  18. What a beautiful dog! I'm so happy that he found a good home with your parents. I have no doubt that he will love these cookies. I've had a great time with the swap. I will most certainly be back next month. Thanks for including me! Have a great day.

  19. What a handsome fella you have there! Those treats look divine-- I can't wait to make them for my own handsome fella! This swap was so much fun. Thanks so much for all of your organization work!

  20. These are amazing! My little pug Ginger would love them! I have a few friends with dogs - perhaps I can package these up for Christmas presents for them as well!

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