Sunday, December 27, 2009


We have decided that in order to make our lives work here, we are going to have to get out of Al Ain every weekend and do something a little more lively. So, we went to Dubai this weekend.

Turns out, most of Dubai is under construction.

What is finished is beautiful in its big city way. This is the marina...

And the Gulf is warm, very salty and lovely. That's a replica of the Bahamian Atlantis in the background. One $25,000 per night suite is just not enough for this planet, so they made two, and put it here.

Awesome food....
That's a Johnny Rocket's.

I kid, I kid. We ate fantastic Thai food on the Dubai Marina waterfront. Nick's dish came with a little bit of jicama carved like a duck, complete with peppercorn eyes and a bit of carrot for a bill. Nick had the fish, I had the duck and lychee red curry. Why he got the duck carving, I do not know.

One last beach shot...

All told, Dubai is a place that casts aside stories of building houses on sand, and instead turns its eyes towards a Las Vegas optimism that keeps churning with fantastic restaurants, accommodations and other accoutrement of distraction. And like any oasis in these parts, we will be back.

This weekend, fingers crossed, Muscat, Oman!

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  1. I'm digging your photographs and I'm not going to tell you why, because I hope you keep doing it.

    Thanks for the good reads.


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