Saturday, May 14, 2011


It's a very special Sisters post today, which is why it is late.
Your garden tomatoes.
Sis: So it turns out we are here together! Happy Birthday! We are going to our favorite place, Hotel Congress, in Tucson, for dinner, drinks and a night above the club.  We love this place, somehow it has become a tradition for the ladies in our family for an indulgent night out. I'm glad you were surprised; you never know how surprising someone is going to turn out.
I asked for caffeine and booze in the same drink and got a coffeetini. So far, so good.
Sis: Holy cow! What a surprise! I always wonder which trash bin you are going to pop out of next, but today you came from behind the beautiful red Geraniums. While you are here, let's make a new recipe, take over the world and cure cancer....or maybe instead we hang out in the garden, have wonderful coffee and decide our next trip. So thank you for surprising me and driving me around tonight-oh and every other time you have done that too! (Don't scratch my car.)
Happy Birthday, Sis!
Sisters is a weekly check-in where we each take a photo of ourselves and describe the scene, adding what we think the other would be doing if we were together. Every year for the past fourteen years (mostly), we purchase identical pairs of flip-flops and sporadically tell each other what we're doing in the flippys as a way of staying connected. This year, we are memorializing the exchanges. 


  1. Oh my goodness, Chris. This is the sweetest thing ever. I'm all teary eyed. Which I didn't really need your help with, because I already have a cold. You are absolutely lovely, and I cannot wait to see you next week.


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