Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sis, I love poppies! These are from seeds and bloomed in time for Mother's Day! I am very happy when my poppies bloom, in fact I smile just thinking about them.  If you were here, you would pick them and figure out how to save their seeds.  We would definitely be sitting out by these enjoying a coffee and pastry together.

Sis, I am working from home on a project I just hit a roadblock on. If you were here, you'd be laying on the bed, reading a magazine, and worrying with a tinge of irritation that I am spending energy being frustrated. You'd want to take me out somewhere to get my mind off the running list of things in my head, and tell me to relax a little.

Sisters is a weekly check-in where we each take a photo of ourselves and describe the scene, adding what we think the other would be doing if we were together. Every year for the past fourteen years (mostly), we purchase identical pairs of flip-flops and sporadically tell each other what we're doing in the flippys as a way of staying connected. This year, we are memorializing the exchanges. 

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