Friday, April 29, 2011


Sis: I am sitting in my new favorite place.  My feet are in the onions, zucchini and tomato section. I never want to leave this spot. If you were here, you'd pick the onions and make some kind of appetizer. You would suggest other things to plant and types of dishes to make with those ingredients. Then, I'd complain I need a bigger garden.

Sis: I am celebrating a new freelance writing gig I just landed, and am having a glass of afternoon wine to celebrate.  If you were here, we would finish this bottle and you would convince me to go out for burgers somewhere, right after heckling me for the sunburn I got today from falling asleep outside on the patio.

Sisters is a weekly check-in where we each take a photo of ourselves and describe the scene, adding what we think the other would be doing if we were together. Every year for the past fourteen years (mostly), we purchase identical pairs of flip-flops and sporadically tell each other what we're doing in the flippys as a way of staying connected. This year, we are memorializing the exchanges.


  1. Please tell me that is not your garden? Ours are still bear with dirt, awaiting the weather OK to plant for warmer weather. There is nothing better than sitting in the company of the plants which will become our food. Love the flip flop connection with your sister. Very heart warming. Congrats also on your newest writing assignment!

  2. This is indeed my garden! I planted a little early and hoped it would work in my favor. I have a big early crop, but keep in mind during the 110 plus temperatures there will not be very much to photograph. Happy gardening!!


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