Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today is a relaxing day for both of us, each exercising our inner domestic, in our unique ways...

Sis, if you were here, you'd be having an old-school martini with me in the garden, throwing the ball for the dog and telling me I need to refinish this 50 year-old table. We would be talking about plants and trees that we might get around to planting later.

Sis, if you were here, you'd be wondering why I am going through all of this effort to candy anything, and wishing I would change the music (The National) to something a little more uplifting to match the mood. We would be sitting out at the pool between checking on the kumquats.

Sisters is a weekly check-in where we each take a photo of ourselves and describe the scene. Every year for the past fourteen years (mostly), we purchase identical pairs of flip-flops and sporadically tell each other what we're doing in the flippys as a way of staying connected. This year, we are memorializing the exchanges.


  1. I don't know... I think The National is applicable to all sorts of scenarios, candied kumquats or not ; )

    (I'm seeing them live on Wednesday, w/ Arcade Fire -- I believe a "squee" is appropriate here?)

  2. how cute is this! hope you had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed that martini!

  3. SQUEE indeed!! Katy, we need a report after the show!

    And thanks, Claire! This is fun. We've been doing it forever, just never memorialized anything.


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