Friday, January 28, 2011

How to eat Fried Chicken: Ludo Truck in Los Angeles

Among foodies and chefs, Ludo Lefebvre is our Los Angeles French darling, popping up and out of restaurant spaces, crisscrossing town in his food truck. In combination, those things make one feel like they're a private detective hunting down an elusive person of interest, which is exactly why I jumped on my bike and rode six blocks down the hill from my apartment when I heard Ludo Truck snagged a spot this week on the Santa Monica Gourmet Food Truck Corner. Person of interest, indeed.

A Frenchman classing up fried chicken? Sign me up. Ludo Truck's (find his schedule on twitter) menu has three items; buttermilk chicken strips, honey glazed chicken wings, and Provencal chicken balls with thigh meat, (thighs, a trend I am happy is spreading across the country since they are the most flavorful part of the bird if my palate has anything to say about it).  Ludo shares three sauces, BBQ, Honey mustard, and bearnaise.  Options: homemade spicy slaw of the non-creamy variety and a honey lavender biscuit.  Why complicate things?

I mixed buttermilk strips and Provencal balls, matched with BBQ sauce and bearnaise, a biscuit and slaw, and took a number. After five minutes of chatting with orders #21 and 23, surfers,  I grabbed my goodies and rode home to quickly become stuffed and happier than I was prior to my full belly.  The Provencal balls, a seasoned and marinated chicken thigh rolled with a delicate breaded crust were the stars of the show.

Los Angeles, this is the only time I am okay with all these roads. They give food trucks an outlet to do their things, and chasing them down gives us the opportunity to connect with other humans, not on twitter or on blogs, who are also waiting for their slices of fried bliss, in neighborhoods we might not usually venture out to.  The whole experience of waiting on a street corner for some grub is a leveling, unpredictable good time. Paired with killer food, it felt like a summer Friday on a Tuesday night.

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  1. oh man. So jealous. I've heard many great things about his truck...and that sounds FAN-TASTIC.


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