Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Recipe swap - want to join in?

The response from the recipe swap was really good!  Rosemarried and I had a blast doing it, and I'm going to keep on with the project, expanding it to anyone who wants to develop and swap recipes. So, for starters, joining Rosemarried and I this time is Boulder Locavore.  This is an active and fun food blog writing from Colorado's front range.

Next up, we are going to make our own recipes from Fern's Fried Apple Fritters.

Below are the deets, and anyone who wants in, leave a comment below and I'll put you on the list.  The more, the merrier! If you don't have a blog but want to try, I'll guest post your report for you, so now you have no excuse.


1.  Consider the original recipe above, and use it for inspiration to develop one of your own.  You must change at least three ingredients, their amounts, or techniques from the original recipe to create an original of your own.
2.  Go crazy with innovation.  Sweet, savory, haute, rustic are all fair game, but try to stick to the spirit of the original recipe.  For example, if it's a pudding recipe, try to stay on the spectrum of panna cotta, creme brulee or trifle.
3.  Blog about it and swap.  We will all put our posts up at the same time, and please link to everyone's blog post who is engaged in the swap. We should all stay in touch about what we're developing so we can incorporate a little of what each other is doing in our own blog posts. Prepare to post your new recipe at 2pm PST on Tuesday, January 12, 2011, our first recipe of the new year.
4.  Have fun!  This is intended to be an exercise in reconnecting with and being inspired by ingredients and each others' creations.  As far as the blogging goes, I think we are all more interested in the process of experimentation than the results of a recipe.  If you tried, failed and ran out of time, blog about that.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

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