Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Squeaky Bean

**Update, as of July, 2011, the Squeaky Bean is closed!**

A couple of weeks ago, The Kitchenette and I met at a local Denver, Colorado, spot, The Squeaky Bean.  I cannot comment on the Best Dinner Ever since we were there for lunch, but we were both charmed by their mighty claim.  And that they got away with it because the place felt quaint-but-not-pretentious.

Lunch coffee first. Duh, long-lunchy bistro.  If I have been born before, it was as a cute little adventurous (for the times, wore trousers, had own money) French lady, because I am at home in this life in these environs.

Okay so lunch.  I had a shredded lamb grilled sandwich, the likes of which I have not seen very often on a bistro menu.   It was spiced as for a nod to merguez, a spicy lamb sausage that frequents more traditional French bistros. As any nod to a merguez should be, it was a savory, tangy, complex delight.

When I take photographs of people, I like to make sure their contents are not showing.  When photographing a sandwich, this should not be the case.  Hopefully, we can all imagine the contents of this sandwich per the description above.   If you look closely, the only thing in focus is the cheese on the greens, anyway, because the new camera has not yet bonded with me.  

The Kitchenette and I each thought it was sweet that the bill came in a seed packet.  I wished all of our food was from someone's garden out back, like the olden days.

I've always had a bistro to call my kitchen-away-from-home.  In Minneapolis, it was Barbette.  In Brooklyn, it was Bar Tabac.  This morning, as I leave for Los Angeles for a week, it is my goal to find "my" French bistro in Los Angeles to settle in to.  Right now, it's an American joint, 8oz Burger Bar. And, when I get back to Denver, it is another goal to make a culinary event out of my remaining time here, which will include a trip back to the Squeaky Bean.

People who know Denver, please share some dining suggestions below!


  1. Perhaps we should make the Squeaky Bean our go-to place? Definitely let me know when you get back to Denver! Perhaps our next lunch should include cocktails. Or a happy hour.

    PS. Don't forget to go to Illegal Pete's for a breakfast burrito - it will change your life. I don't say this lightly.

    PPS. Eat lots of Kogi for me while you're in LA. I miss Kogi like whoa.

    PPPS. thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

    I'm just stopping with the P-etc.-S now: Another thought, we should check out the year-round farmer's market if you want to! I haven't been yet. Looks like it's open Wed, Thur, Friday and Sat -

  2. Ah ha! The Squeaky Bean used to be called something else when they first opened. We used to get coffee and pastries there as it was a few blocks from our house. Not sure if it's the same folks from 3 years ago, but glad to see they are still good.


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