Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good morning.

I don't really think about too much on my morning walk, mostly because it happens very early and before coffee. I am thinking something, I'm just not able to retrieve what it is until after a shower, some coffee and a look through the pictures I might have taken along the way. This morning, as the sun was beaming over a few picnic tables, the image reminded me of the importance of gathering friends and families around food. To me, it doesn't matter where the picnic bench is. It can be in some small-town park in the middle of nowhere or at the foothills of the Alps; I place the importance on the gathering, not the where are we gathering.

All we really have is a collection of moments strung together, and they happen whether we want them to or not, so why not find something in each moment that causes us to enjoy being exactly where we are?

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