Monday, April 12, 2010

On the line again

I am grateful to my wonderful friend and fantastic pastry chef Roxana for letting me into her kitchen at Ammo. . Last night was my first night on the line in a while. I felt like I was kicking the tires the whole time while the pros ran around. They're doing a themed Sunday prix fixe dinner every Sunday, last night's being a dutch-oven theme - every course was baked en cocotte. (MY favorite cocottes are here, and so, coincidentally is my favorite teakettle: )

Next week's is Betty Crocker cookbook-themed; ham and sponge cake type dish. What a privilege to be let loose in a kichen owned by someone who trusts your palate, creativity and sense of humor about food. I'm hoping I'll get back in every Sunday, to round out my total immersion in food for the next two months; writing about it, planning it, cooking it, serving it, eating it.

The two utensils I missed most last night of my own: my chef's knife and my mini offset spatula. Those are my left and right hands, respectively, and they're in storage at the moment.

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