Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today's Entertainment

Today, we went to the mall. I bought some clothes. Then, we went bowling at the International Bowling Centre.

The confusion after my first ball knocked down nine pins and scored a "N/T" without me bowling for the last pin was resolved by the attendant. "Here, nine pins is counted as a strike". Awesome. So, we made up names for the N/T score, like "No Tell" or "Nice Try". Because of this new scoring method, I bowled the best game of my life at the Al Ain Bowling Centre.

We celebrated by having Moroccan tea on the Bowling Centre's roofdeck cafe.

The look on Nick's face summarizes our approach to figuring out the new environment so far.

I like tea.

Afterwards, we drove to the Carrefour and bought items for dinner. We decided to make nachos. We are tiring of kabob and rice, hummous and flatbread, tagine and couscous. So, Americanized Mexican dish it is. I have never made nachos before to my knowledge. However, we just watched two episodes of Extras here at the villa that Nick knows I have already seen when I was at home recovering from surgery in August and I don't remember those, either. That pretty much affirms any conversation or activity that happened with me between August and September of 2009 is my own Groundhog Day. Sorry, folks.

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