Friday, December 18, 2009

Gas, food, cell phone

Posty posty, I know. I'm trying to catch up on everything I have in my head first. This post is being written with all the questions my nephews might ask us if we were on the phone.

Gas is about $1.25 a gallon. The plants that generate electricity are gas powered, and I'm guessing that makes it no accident that just about every light bulb here is flourescent or LED. The less you use, the more you can sell.

Driving is insane. We have a leased Nissan Altima, it's got some pickup, but learning the roundabouts was crazy, and I still feel like someone is going to plow into me. It's chaos, and not necessarily controlled. And, that's every intersection.

Food is crazy. No pork. No alcohol without a permit, and that's if you're a Westerner.

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